Digital Asset Manager
Focused exclusively on
Decentralized finance

Replicating traditional investment strategies in decentralized markets to achieve consistent yield returns with high flexibility of investments.


Maximizing capital efficiency in Decentralized Finance

Smart contract interoperability enables operators to process automated transactions over multiple protocols in the most frictionless way. DeFi infrastructure allows high turnover of assets, so to increase compounding effects from cash-and-carry opportunities.
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MEV Capital Investment Mandate

MEV Capital is a digital asset manager that focuses on finding and extracting value from the nascent DeFi markets. The strategies are conducted following a stable asset exposure mandate supported by well-defined benchmarks. The operations mainly consist of statistical arbitrage and liquidity provisioning to a set of public protocols. These protocols are selected to reflect internal risk management rules, fit regulatory criteria, and answer investor needs.

MEV Capital’s investment policy and approach pursue the search for extractable value. The asset manager aims to achieve consistent returns for investors by operating in a highly liquid environment and under the highest security framework.

MEV Capital under the spotlight

> $300M

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