3rd Annual Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report

At the time of the report, Pwc estimated that were are around 150-200 crypto hedge funds globally with the overall majority of them (81%) founded within the 2017-2020 period. This 3rd annual Crypto Hedge Fund report by Pwc gives an overlook of the global crypto hedge fund landscape and provides comparative data on performance, liquidity and best practices.

In 2020, the AuM of crypto hedge funds have almost doubled in size to $3.8B from $2B in 2019. The median AuM hovers around $15M, while the median AuM at launch hovers around $1M. The median crypto hedge fund performance in 2020 returned +128%, while the fees have stayed standard – most funds are operating under a 2/20 feee structure while the majority of fund investors are high net worth individuals and family offices.

Find the whole report by following this link.