Ethereum High-Yield Strategy

Ethereum High-Yield Strategy allocates funds across a set of synthetic products whose values are pegged 1 for 1 to ETH. Each synthetic product replicating Ethereum’s price can be minted, redeemed, or swapped at market price.  This strategy offers exposure to arbitrage opportunities among a set of underlying assets that follow the same peg (ETH) and yield returns from liquidity provisioning activity. Accrued interest received in ETH is reinvested into the strategy to strengthen returns through compounding. MEV Capital delivers ETH high-yield strategy through segregated managed accounts or privately held investment vehicles.

Details & Strategy Terms

Privately held
Investment strategy
ETH-denominated yield generation
Underlying assets
Ethereum and synthetic ETH tokens
Yield drivers
Liquidity provision, arbitrage, pool rebalancing
Ethereum (ETH) spot
Investment environment
Highly liquid (DeFi protocols)
Ethereum High-Yield Strategy