DeFi event recap (video)

You could do it swaggering like famous investor Peter Thiel, who coined the term “financial gerontocracy” while speaking about the global banks at the recent conference “Bitcoin’2022”. You could call names. Or you could give a hand for support. It seems that our community is of that latter kind.

MEV Capital hosted the conference “Decentralized finance during geopolitical uncertainty” at Rockit in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our partners Gytis and Laurent talked about the infrastructure, development, and products in the DeFi market. M.Sviderskė, CMO at Lossless, covered the intriguing topic of security in DeFi.

And the keynote speaker Feyo Sickinghe, Fund Manager at Target Global delivered his insights on common pitfalls for Web3 entrepreneurs. All these and some other topics have been disentangled during the final discussion “Bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance” moderated by R. Saribekian from Synergy Finance.

Building bridges, indeed. More meetups like this are on the agenda.

If you were not there or did not have the opportunity to watch the live stream – not a problem, the video recording is available any time on Youtube for your convenience.