MEV Capital launches DeFi hedge fund looking to deploy $130M

MEV Capital Management Launches DeFi hedge fund looking to deploy 130M$ on Ethereum chain and L2s.

MEV Capital Management Ltd. is launching a new digital asset hedge fund registered “MEV Capital Stablecoin High-Yield Fund,” with a novel approach towards asset custody and transparency. The Fund interacts with Decentralized Finance protocols while employing derivatives for hedging solutions to achieve market neutrality.

Unlike traditional open-ended funds, MEV’s new venture provides clients with real-time access to investment monitory tools and daily P&L for full transparency. Funds will be deployed on the Ethereum public network, using the highest security standards for smart contracts whitelisting process, on-chain transaction monitoring, and multi-signature management.

Laurent Bourquin, Managing Partner at MEV Capital Management, declared, “our objective is to give investors access to advanced market-neutral DeFi strategies while being fully transparent and compliant with regulatory and accounting standards.”

“[…] The investment approach focuses on liquidity provision, market-making activities, and arbitrage on Tier1 dollar-pegged assets.”

The fund is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), and audited by a CIMA-approved auditor.

The fund has opened its subscription this month for the USDC-denominated strategy, targeting an AuM of 130M$ through 2023. Additionally, MEV Capital Management Ltd is looking to open a High-Yield Fund for ETH-denominated strategy later this year and extend their activities towards other Layer 2s over time.

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