MEV Capital launches DeFi hedge fund looking to deploy $130M

MEV Capital launches DeFi hedge fund looking to deploy $130M

MEV Capital Management Launches DeFi hedge fund looking to deploy 130M$ on Ethereum chain and L2s.

MEV Capital Management Ltd. is launching a new digital asset hedge fund registered “MEV Capital Stablecoin High-Yield Fund,” with a novel approach towards asset custody and transparency. The Fund interacts with Decentralized Finance protocols while employing derivatives for hedging solutions to achieve market neutrality.

Unlike traditional open-ended funds, MEV’s new venture provides clients with real-time access to investment monitory tools and daily P&L for full transparency. Funds will be deployed on the Ethereum public network, using the highest security standards for smart contracts whitelisting process, on-chain transaction monitoring, and multi-signature management.

Laurent Bourquin, Managing Partner at MEV Capital Management, declared, “our objective is to give investors access to advanced market-neutral DeFi strategies while being fully transparent and compliant with regulatory and accounting standards.”

“[…] The investment approach focuses on liquidity provision, market-making activities, and arbitrage on Tier1 dollar-pegged assets.”

The fund is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), and audited by a CIMA-approved auditor.

The fund has opened its subscription this month for the USDC-denominated strategy, targeting an AuM of 130M$ through 2023. Additionally, MEV Capital Management Ltd is looking to open a High-Yield Fund for ETH-denominated strategy later this year and extend their activities towards other Layer 2s over time.

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MEV Capital Partners with Marex Solutions

MEV Capital Partners with Marex Solutions

London, the UK – MEV Capital, a leading digital asset manager specializing in capturing value in the DeFi markets, and Marex Solutions, a renowned commodity broker and provider of OTC hedging solutions, announced their partnership to innovate and create new digital asset products.

With MEV Capital’s proficiency in DeFi and Marex’s established reputation in the commodity markets, this collaboration is poised to pioneer novel and exciting opportunities for clients looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the cryptocurrency industry.

Harry Benchimol, Co-Head of Derivatives Engine at Marex Solutions, said, “We are thrilled to partner with MEV Capital and leverage their unique insight and market-neutral strategies in the DeFi space to provide a valuable offering to our clients. Manufacturing innovative derivatives with MEV Capital’s expertise will allow both parties to create new products combining the best centralized and decentralized finance.

MEV Capital has been a prominent player in the DeFi space, specializing in on-chain yield strategies such as liquidity provision, statistical arbitrage, and carry trading. Their extensive experience and expertise in the DeFi market bring valuable insight and perspective to the partnership with Marex.

The first financial instrument the two companies will collaborate on is a fixed-term DeFi-linked note on stablecoins. This structured product, a first-of-its-kind, will allow professional investors to benefit from the growth of cryptocurrencies while retaining a stable, national currency-linked exposure.

Laurent Bourquin, Managing Partner of MEV Capital, said, “Our collaboration with Marex is a real leap forward for the institutionalization of DeFi. It will facilitate its access and anchor the positioning of digital assets as a new asset class for years to come.”

MEV Capital has been successfully executing on-chain yield strategies for clients for over two years and is in the final stages of opening a dedicated DeFi market-neutral investment fund in the Cayman Islands.

About Marex Solutions:

Marex Solutions is a leading commodity broker and provider of OTC hedging solutions. With a reputation for staying ahead of the rapidly changing financial landscape, Marex continues to offer innovative products and services to its clients.

About MEV Capital:

MEV Capital is a digital asset manager specializing in extracting value from DeFi markets. The company’s expertise in DeFi and on-chain yield strategies make it a valuable partner for clients looking to diversify their portfolios and benefit from the growth of the digital asset space.